Spring ArtSale

An art show and sale of original art presented by the artists of The Art Guild of Scarborough

April 1 – April 27, 2022 

Art Show


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Spring Art Sale
spring art sale

On-line Show and Sale Dates:  April 1 – April 27, 2022

Entry Fee: $25 for up to 5 submissions and is non-refundable.


METHOD OF PAYMENT: Visa and Mastercard.

Deadline: March 29, 2022. 

SUBMISSIONS: Registration information and digital images are to be submitted between March 12 and March 29 through the submission form found BELOW. Deadline:  March 29, 2022


Up to 5 works of paintings or sculptures.  Submitted work does not have to have been juried in the past.  This is not a juried show and sale.  

The Art Guild of Scarborough will be taking a 10% commission on paintings sold during the show and will assume the charge of 2.65% + .30 cents for processing credit card transactions through the Square.


Artists will assume responsibility for the expenses incurred for the safe delivery of a piece of artwork including but not limited to: packaging, hand-delivery, delivery by mail or courier. The price of the artwork includes the cost of shipping within Ontario. Artists may be requested to provide an estimate of shipping costs outside of the province.


  1. Framed paintings must be properly framed, with frames and matting in excellent condition.

  2. Artwork to be submitted must be original artwork. 

  3. Artwork must not be a copy, derivative or based on the work of others or in any way an infringement of copyright. 

  4. When you submit an image, you are agreeing that the Art Guild of Scarborough may use the image of your artwork on its website and/or social media.

NOTE: This is an on-line art show and sale. Do consider that our show will reach a wide audience. Works must be appropriate for public display for all ages. Works must not be offensive or condescending towards any race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, and must not be used to promote or oppose political views. The Art Guild of Scarborough reserves the right to refuse to accept a piece of artwork. 


Work created from a work by another artist, an image found in a book, newspaper or magazine and/or a photographic image captured by another photographer, can be considered original only if the artist has changed the image to such a degree that it is not recognizable and thus has become original.



By submitting your application, you agree to all statements in this application and acknowledge that the information provided in this application is accurate and complete. As the artist applying to have my artwork displayed, I acknowledge and affirm the following:


  • I am a member of the Art Guild of Scarborough. 

  • The artwork to which this application relates is original artwork, owned only and entirely by me. No one else has any claim of interest or right to all or any part of the artwork or materials used to make it, either now or during the period it will be displayed.

  • I grant permission to the Art Guild of Scarborough to use and publish my artwork on the Internet and to use photographs of my artwork for advertising, promotion, and any other purpose and in any manner or medium. 

  • I acknowledge and assume all risks, known and unknown, inherent or otherwise, associated with the display of my artwork on the website.

  • In the event that any claim or demand should be made or litigation instituted against any party or parties arising out of or with respect to the artwork to which this application relates, I hereby indemnify the Art Guild of Scarborough, its executive and its members and waive them from any and all actions, claims, demands for damages, loss or litigation, including all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred with respect to such matters. 


Submissions must be made using the online entry form.  The online submission portal will be available through the  website between March 12 - 29.  All submissions after this date will not be included on the site. Artwork will not be presented on the website until the registration fee has been paid.


Artists will need to provide:

  • Contact details:  Name, email address, artist website, address, phone number

  • Agreement with the Acknowledgement of Risks, Release of Claims, and Indemnification

  • Title of work

  • Category of work (2-dimensional and wall-mounted / 3-dimensional – free-standing)

  • Medium Used

  • Dimensions of work

  • Weight of 3-dimensional work (wall-mounted or free-standing)

  • Price of work

  • Framed or unframed

  • Artist Statement MAXIMUM 100 WORDS - Describe information about yourself and/or your work 

  • Digital images of work – submitted in JPEG format 

  • Resolution – 72 pixels per inch

  • Size – less than 1.5 mb


The photographs must be an exact representation of the work being submitted. Images will not be cropped or realigned by the Art Guild of Scarborough and must be ready to publish to the website as photographed. When photographing your painting, ensure that all background visuals are removed. Any background visuals, walls, easels, etc will be considered part of your painting. 

Once a piece of work has been sold, the artist assumes responsibility of the completion of the transaction. Upon the sale of a piece, the artist will be notified by email of the sale and provided with contact information for the buyer. The artist must communicate with customers directly and arrange the delivery of the artwork. The Art Guild of Scarborough executive will not be responsible for arrangements for delivery between the buyer and seller nor be responsible for the resolution of any disputes between the buyer and the artist.  

Upon delivery of a sold piece of work, the artist will provide the treasurer of the Art Guild of Scarborough with proof of delivery either through a signed receipt from the buyer or the confirmation that the artwork has been received as per the tracking information.


After the close of the sale on April 27, the confirmation of delivery from the artist and the confirmation of the financial transaction from the bank, the treasurer of Art Guild of Scarborough will mail cheques to the members who have sold a painting. 



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